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ModDB In The Middle East Part 5... Feel free to create spin-off type stories about a group of people on moddb in the middle east or something, just don't copy my stories. if you dont know the people in the stories you may not find it as funny

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After yet another night in the cold, and another failed attempt to kill Tactical with beds, Sensu was starting to lose the anger he had once held against Tactical...
“Whoa whoa whoa... that's a load of crap... I'm as angry as ever” Sensu butted in
“Really...oh sorry... I'll just redo that.....” Shit-Happens said
After yet another night in the cold, and another failed attempt to kill Tactical with beds, Sensu was as angry as ever... so angry that he had been trying to kill Tactical in his sleep... which in turn had forced Tactical to run off during the night.

“Dude where the hell did he go?” Shit-Happens asked while standing in the “doorway” looking out over the numerous dunes trying to find any sign of where Tactical could have gone.
“Who cares... he's gone that's all that matters” Sensu said, lying back on his bed looking up at the giant hole where the roof should be that still had not been fixed.
“Dude he's a human being not a dog” Scarecrow said standing next to Shit-Happens in the doorway.
“Hey that's not a bad idea” Silent-Enemy said getting off his bed and walking to where Shit-happens and Scarecrow were standing.
“Here Tactical... Here boy!...oh and by the way its Silent again” Silent said before returning inside with a sarcastic grin on his face
“Dude pick a name and stay with it... its making these stories confusing for even me... oh and yeah...Not helping... we may need Tactical later on... wait no we wont... Oh well”Shit-Happens said before leaving Scarecrow standing in the doorway for about a second before Scarecrow joined the rest inside.
“Yeah us need Tactical... were better off without him” Silent said
“Yeah your probably right.... if he hadn't been here we would have been able to complete the barracks properly” Shit-Happens said “hey Sensu you know how you said about there being another team that dropped in” Shit-Happens asked
“Yeah” Sensu responded not moving from his spot
“Do you know who they were” Shit-Happens asked again
“Nah I didn't get close enough and it was kinda dark” Sensu said
“Bummer... I think we should go over there and introduce ourselves and find out who they are” Scarecrow said sitting up
“I reckon that's a good idea... maybe there are some girls over there” Silent said
“Well I hope so... get us away from this sausage-fest” Shit-Happens said
“You know what... I think Tactical might have gone over to those other guys” Silent said
“Wait... you think he's off almost getting himself killed by someone else do you?....DO YOU?” Sensu asked getting up off his bed and running out the doorway and disappearing into the dark
“Dude is it just me or did he seem a little sad about that?” Shit-Happens asked
“Who cares we cant leave him out there on his own we gotta go after him” Scarecrow said making his way over to the crate of empty guns
“Here take these and yes I know we have no bullets but if we run a cross someone out there we can bluff our way through” Scarecrow said running out the door after Sensu
“Yeah but what if they call our bluff” Silent asked Shit-Happens
“Were in the Middle East.... if someone does we'll be dead, so it doesn't really matter” Shit-Happens said running out the door after Scarecrow and Sensu
“hmm... sounds fair” Silent said running out of the room after the others
After a couple of minutes the team caught up with Sensu who was leaving the barracks in the second base
“I searched everywhere...he's not here... although nobody is” Sensu said walking past the group and returning to their barracks

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