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ModDB In The Middle East Part 3... Feel free to create spin-off type stories about a group of people on moddb in the middle east or something, just don't copy my stories. if you dont know the people in the stories you may not find it as funny

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"The Box"

After an almost sleepless night that continued well after the end of Part 2, which involved Sensu being stunned at Sierra's ability to remember it's Sensu, Scarecrow pointing out every little spllng and gRaMmAtIcAl error in these stories and Tactical running around in a circles for hours screaming rape before almost being crushed by a strange box.

"What the hell is it" Shit-Happens asked the group not able to take his eyes off the strangly crafted runes on the side of the box
"Who cares it did a shit job of killing Tactical... i mean if it cant even crush him what good is it to us " Sensu pointed out looking around the room trying to locate the babbling mess but being unable to find him
"Why don't we open it?" Sierra Asked
"Does it even open... and for that matter if it does whats to say it wont be something bad" Scarecrow said leaning closer trying to determine if it was dangerous or not
"Yeah but what if its something good" Shit-Happens said still unable
to take his eyes off the runes and unable to stop poking them
"Ah Touché, Douché" Scarecrow responded
"Yep... wait what" Shit-Happens snapped finally taking his eyes off the runes
"Oh for Gods sake here" Tactical said walking over to the strange box and tapping runes on the side and making the box glow.... before once again returning to his corner
After Tactical had touched the box a small screen had opened on one of the sides and was displaying strange symbols that the group had concluded were complete mumbo jumbo
"OMFG!.... and you guys say im the dumb one... its a god damn timer" Tactical yelled actually getting up from his corner again and standing next to the group to take an active part kin the conversation
"Look every second the last symbol changes and every ten the next one changes and every minute the next one changes"Tactical explained to the group
"Yeah.... yeah we knew that" Shit-Happens said, looking confused and
"Now.... what could the timer be for" Sensu asked
"OMFG" Tactical screamed once again returning to his corner but instead of rabbling he laid down and went to sleep, while cursing the group
After ten minutes of sitting back and doing nothing to the box Scarecrow finally broke the silence
"Okay i can now count these numbers... and as it turns out we have three and a half minutes till the timer gets to zero"
and after a nother 3 or so minutes....
"How long now" Sierra asked
"You know what if your gonna ask that every five minutes then..." Scarecrow said before being interupted
"What... its only been three minutes since you figured out what the numbers were and 10 seconds since the last time he asked...why did you say five minutes?" Sensu asked
"Being around you morons every minutes feels like an eternity" Scarecrow snapped
"Dude... you still didnt answer my question" Sierra snapped back
"DING" said the Box
"Dude what... ding said the box?... nevermind i dont wanna know" Tactical said
after the ding the box glowed and then the roof of the box rose from the box and flew across the room smashing into Tactical who had returned to sitting in the corner
"Dude whats in there" Sensu asked having been shoved behind the rest of the group who were peering inside the box
"I believe they are M4 Carbines, fires 750 to 900 5.56 mm rounds per minute at a velocity of"
"Scarecrow a simple, its full of M4's would have sufficed" Shit-Happens interrupted

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