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ModDB In The Middle East Part 2... Fell free to create spin-off type stories about a group of people on moddb in the middle east or something, just don't copy my stories. if you dont know the people in the stories you may not find it as funny

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"The Barracks"

The team was lying in their barracks looking up at the stars remembering they had failed to complete the roof of the building due to the setbacks of Sensu almost killing Tactical the first day there... to expand on the story a team of moddb members had been dropped into the Middle East and given a heap of supplies to keep them alive.
"Ahhh Shit-Happens you probably should have explained this in the first part" Scarecrow butted in
"Shut up dude im writing this thing" I replied
Anyway, lets continue with the story...

"Seriously Bellus, we could have had this roof up if you hadn't beat the crap out of Tactical" Sierra Leader said
"Dont make me beat the crap out of you dude" Sensu yelled back at Sierra, getting out of his bed and walking through a hole in the wall that had been made, due to them also forgetting to install a door
"And we could have had a door rather than a hole if you had been watching what you were doing Sierra" Shit-Happens said sarcastically while Tactical still dazed after having the crap beat out of him, sat in the corner continuously mumbling "we're so dead, we're so dead we're so screwed"
"I think he may need medical attention... His mind is massively screwed up" Scarecrow said looking over to the corner at Tactical
"umm... sorry to burst your bubble dude but he was always screwed up" Sierra joked
"yeah maybe your mind is screwed up if you forgot that" Shit-Happens Joked as well

five minutes passed without a noise until...

"Hey Bell... is a good thing to ring" Sierra said trying to get Sensu back inside then remembering the name change as Sensu walked back in while brushing dirt off his shoulders
"what happened to you" Sierra asked
"Well... they sent in another team of moddb members" Sensu told them, making them sit up as fast as if theyd been shot at
"Dude when?..... and why didnt you tell us" Sierra, Scarecrow and Shit-Happens Said Simultaneously
"Well it only happened bout 5 minutes when i walked out and cause nobody followed me outside i investigated on my own" Sensu said "there is four of em and you know how our crates are red?"
"Really... i didnt notice" Shit-Happens said getting up to look at one of the crates out side "huh" he said returning inside
"Well theirs are blue" Sensu said
"Wait a minute.... this sounds familiar... like some sort of red vs blue thing... oh well" Sierra Kenny said
"wait... what why with the kenny again... what did i do?" Sierra Kenny asked
"I just remembered you forgetting about the whole Sensu thing" Shit-Happens explained
"Oh man this is so unfair... tactical did it too" Sierra Kenny explained "oh come on now" he continued
"Yeah but he had the crap beaten out of him and he is mentally unstable" Shit-Happens explained to the dead man
"OH COME ON" Sierra Kenny yelled
"Hey you deserve it since you also forgot to install the door which meant we had to break the wall that was supposed to be the roof which is aother reason why the roof isn't finished" Scarecrow explained.... as he did for the next ten minutes...
"yeah but Sensu wasted time.... and what do we need a roof for there aint gonna be any rain here any time soon... its the freakin desert"
"he does have a point" came the voice of Tactical before his return to his usual non-sensical blabber

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