This is how the mod will work. Info about releases and packs.

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The mod will be launched as a "base" containing all the models, skins, interface, animations, GUI, music, sounds and textures.

THEN expansion packs will be launched. These will contain maps, missions, campaigns and MP support.
This arrangement will make it easier for everybody, and make the release quicker.

The expansion packs can also contain some new premium sounds, models, skins, etc. present in that campaign.


1.0 - Base
1.1 - MP Support
1.2 - Spanish Civil War Campaigns
1.3 - Austria 1938 Anschluss Campaign
1.4 - France attack on the Saar 1939 Campaign
Will be continued


WW2 SCENARIO: (first release):




-Great Britain


Add ons (after release):

-Baltic Countries


-Commonwealth Countries



-Nationalists (spanish)(Nationalists)
-Republicans (spanish)(Republicans)
-Anarchists (spanish)(Neutral)
-Russian volunteers (Republicans)
-German Condor Div. (Nationalists)

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