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Future possible little updates. Also future possible mods and a bit more.

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This is the news!!!
Here is the deal. I need your guys' help. I would like to know what is it that you want to be changed that you don't like in the current version of HarvesterWars and little separate versions for each faction.
For example, faster or slower harvesters than they are currently in the mod.
Would you like a harvester to mine faster or slower?
Would you like a harvester to have a bigger cargo space or smaller?
Would you like a harvester to spend more time at a refinery or get out of the Refinery nearly instantly?
Would you like harvesters to go through each other or try not to stack on top of each other? (If building harvesters from warfactory at the current mod price they will stack one way or the other, there is no way around it, not that I know of. Sorry)
Also would you like harvesters to build faster or slower than they are in the current mod?
Are harvesters too cheap?
I'm not sure what else to ask, but if you have any more questions then let me know.

In the other news, this mod will slow down soon.
The reason for this is because I'm leaving for Russia to go visit my family and friends and etc.
I don't know how long I will stay there but I think for quiet some time, possibly 6 months or so. Because of that I will not be able to release more frequent updates and news and etc. One of the major reasons is because to the town I'm going to; it doesn't have very high speed internet. The other thing is because I will be hanging around Russia very often so there will not be a lot of time to do modding.
Now the major problem that I might face is depends on what kind of computer my parents have, the game might not run very well, making modding even harder. But I hope they got a pretty good computer, even though it is probably a single core cpu, but I played C&C 3 on a single core processor, but I have 8600gt, and now that I have dual core the game well nearly flies.... unless I get like 1k units running on the map, then it really lags. It did happen with one of the mods, the picture on top is an actual mod I've built but not sure if I want to release it yet.
The mod is TankWars, which is similar to the Harvester Wars only that Tanks are not as fast but faster than original and you can spam the hell out of them, and during the Skirmish my opponent was GDI so he built like 850 Predators and I was Scrin so I built Seekers, I only though reached like 250 or so but the game got super laggy.

So yea this brings us to another topic. Future mods.
I was thinking about releasing the Tank Wars but also I could release more other mods like Air Wars. I could also just later combine all of the mods together and make one bigger mod that will include all of that. The only thing I need is your feedback and opinion and suggestions. I'm taking it one little mod at a time to perfect each so then I can release a big well working mod.

Sorry for such a huge post of news but I hope I did well. So don't forget... leave feedback, good or bad, I want to improve. :D

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