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Hey guys, I have an update on the progression of the mod

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Hey guys, both me and a friend have been making good progress on the mod as we have fully nameD 2 kingdoms and we are halfway through naming 2 more, unfortunately real life work has gotten in the way so progress on my end has slowed down which results in my friend having nothing to do, my schedule is a bit less busy so I can carry on from where I left off, in the mean time I would still love having some help with province, dutchy, kingdom and empire names as well as religion and world history, events and graphic design for religious characters, i was originally hoping to get an alpha up by the time christmas comes around but work got in the way of that so we should have an alpha ready by the time spring arrives.

Feel free to add me on steam as I would love to hear any ideas and suggestions you have and I will be more active on that than I am on here:

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