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Mod news for June. New update coming soon! New models!

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Hi everyone,

So it's been a productive time for the mod. I've been working on the GC map and campaigns and made some quite significant changes overall. The planet's positions have been changed so that instead of the twelve colonies being spread across the galaxy they are instead grouped together in their correct clusters on the bottom left of the map. The rest of the galaxy is populated by uninhabited planets and of course, the Cylons!

bandicam 2017 05 27 21 15 20 257

The worlds of the twelve colonies are linked to the rest of the galaxy by asteroid belts which gives you choke points to defend to try and hold the Cylons off, at least until you expand out into the galaxy of course. The other planets of the galaxy map have been renamed as well.

I have given the Colonials a normal research based tech progression and relegated Baltar to a similar role as filled by Roslin in that he offers discounted prices to the world he inhabits. To make up for the loss of his stealth recon abilities I have fixed the blackbird so that it can now act as a recon unit as originally intended.

IMG 0801

Galactica now carries it's own canon accurate Squadrons rather than just generic Vipers. These Squadrons are not more powerful.

Other changes include an overhaul of unit population caps, build costs and timings. Unit health has been buffed and weapon ranges increased slightly. The broken raptor gunship nuke launch and the glitchy Apollo nuke launch have been replaced as well. The Apollo will change to the Cylon method of nuke launching, with a long delay between firing while the Raptor will simply no longer fire nukes.

bandicam 2017 06 03 09 13 36 280

The re-textures of the Mercury, Valkyrie and basic Jupiter class are almost finished (and look awesome!) Once they're finished I will package up a release and upload it. No set day yet but it should be soon, maybe even this weekend.

bandicam 2017 06 03 09 14 13 694

This is slightly bittersweet for me as these will almost definitely be the last commissions from Jeroenimo as I cant (and wont) fund any further models from him. Getting a complete overhaul of the models this way would cost a fortune and I'm not made of money :P So with regards to future models.... Don't expect to see any unless I can get a 3D artist or Thomas39120 starts making them again. Still the mod is now at the stage where almost all of the big models have enough detail to look good.

bandicam 2017 06 03 09 12 44 286

Thanks for reading!

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