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Hotfix just released to fix missing cameos. Also, future patch content preview.

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Here's a small list of what we plan on doing in the next patch,

  • Give an Appropriate Cameo for Japan's Anti Air Defense
  • Armor/Weapon Damage Balancing, Specifically we're looking at Flame Tank, Archer Maiden, and Soviet Screamer.

Yes, it is a short list but it's a patch not another mod release hehehe.
If you have Balance Suggestions we're more than happy to listen, we honestly we're expecting more comments upon releasing.
(If you have suggestions post on forum or PM me or Post here really doesn't matter.)

HecticTanker Author

-RA3 Undecided 1.02 Changes-
New Icon for Soviet Surveyor
New Icon for Japan Air Defense

Re-arranged Soviet WarFactory: Moved Surveyor before MCV & Moved Tesla Tank before V4.

Tesla Coil Weapon Rebalanced.
-Pre-Attack much shorter than original but reload time compensates -Previously was 3s for full cycle, now it varies from 2.5s-3.5s for full cycle of an attack.

(Sorry you can't read it well on download description, it decided to ignore my line returns I guess)

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