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Just some minor updates. Please let me know of any problems and or crashes that happen.

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THIS is the .zip version to make it easier for everyone.
Download and enjoy!!

I haven't started to work on the next version of the mod yet but if anyone has any suggestions for the next version i would be happy to hear them. Faster or slower fire rates on some/all the weaps, all weapons full auto, all weapons semi auto, any suggestions at all.

And so far with the current version the only problem's so far is the m1-garand on the zombie prototype is unmoded, i missed it when i was modding the weapons, and if you place to many betty's on the Verrukt map it Will crash the server.

Please let me know of any other problems and or crashes that happen.

If anyone is having any problems please let me know.

I do run a co-op server for zombies at times so add me in you
codwaw game and you can help me test out future versions of the mod before release.
My ingame name is

Several people ask me this so ill explain it here, to add people go to the
main menu
then click on friends
then click on manage friends
then click on add and enter the player name.

Hope to get some good feedback soon.

WildCard Out...

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