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A small update to the mod to fix a few bug and address the docking issue that has been frequently commented on.

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Version 0.3 beta of the Independents mod is here. This update addressees a few bugs and makes a few small changes to the mod. The biggest changes are the quick docking at all stations in order to completely cut out the docking AI, and the addition of the torpedo weapons to the Federation starships.

There are also numerous small changes including adjustments to the Federation starships' turret coverage and in increase in the damage of corvette weapons.

Changes in 0.3 beta:


  • Added weapon platforms to Alaska side of the Federation jump hole
  • Added corporation bounties
  • Added Torpedoes
  • Added player factions
  • Added option to FLMM activation for visibility distance
  • Added option to FLMM activation for dock distance


  • Removed proximity and falk guns until they can be fixed
  • Removed missile jammers due to suspicion they are causing crashes


  • Reduced volume of bounties to 0
  • Increased size and damage of X5-M 12c Fighter Intercept missiles
  • Reduced the Ascendancy's forward weapon mounts from 6 to 4
  • Converted Ascendancy's special weapon to third-rate weapon mounts
  • Converted Sovernty's forward weapon mounts to accept fourth-rate weapons as well
  • Attempted to increase AI coordination
  • Adjusted NPC loadouts
  • Added caphip ammo to markets on all bases
  • Increased NPC spawn rates in the battlezone of Alaska
  • Increased tracking of X5-M 15a Light Seeker SRM
  • Lowered initial reputations upon joining a faction
  • Lowered positive rep rewards for missions and killing ships
  • Updated base missile to use the new effects by Why485
  • Increased damage of corvette turrets


  • Fixed defesive coilgun turret (for real this time)
  • Fixed pricing of cruise disruptors
  • Fixed NPC fighters not actively attacking NPC starships
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