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Two new soviet infantry.

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Greetings! I have developed two new infantry units for the Soviets:

Kommissar: Are high officers trained to do counterintelligence and infiltration missions in the Soviet army.
On the battlefield, Kommissars inspire troop morale and ensure their loyalty so that they do not succumb to mind control.

Kommissar Detail

Soviet Kommissar


kommissar breaks mind control:

Kommissar Leads - Mod DB

In Next Generation, all sides have units capable of countering Yuri's psychic weapons.

Heavy Shock Trooper: Are infantry units specialized in assault tactics. They are heavily armored and armed with a flamethrower and a modified Tesla glove.
Launches a concussive blow that stuns the target but at the cost of destroying Heavy shock trooper's armor.

Heavy Shock Trooper Detail

Soviet Heavy Shock Trooper

heavy shock trooper

Heavy Shock Trooper in action:

Heavy Shock Trooper Attack - Mod DB

The Heavy Shock Trooper is a recreation of the conscript's concept art from the original game. Replaces in the Soviet army the Pyromaniac, a hooded soldier armed with flamethrower.

Available now for download in the files section.

Pyromaniac Detail

Soviet Pyromaniac


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