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Latest update regarding the Genesis mod including the multiplayer version that's on it's way

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First i'd like to thank everyone who has downloaded the mod, appreciate the support. It's become clear that there are a few little issues, thankfully nothing major, that i've been made aware of. With a mod of this complexity, it's almost guaranteed i've missed something. To that end. i'm going to upload a completely new version once i've found the bugs. Thanks to all who have posted on my forum and made me aware of them. This will in turn improve gameplay and stability for the singleplayer version

From some of the comments, it's been made clear to me how much some of you would enjoy a multiplayer version of Genesis. Well it's on it's way. Currently testing on the server which is based in the US in Texas.

It was always my intention of having a multiplayer version, and i want to get it right so we don't all suffer from random crashes and so on. It will also allow me to implement the dynamic economy, which works on supply and demand, and after quite a bit of testing functions exactly as it should.

Player cloaks will work on the multiplayer ships as intended, which they don't in the singleplayer version due to gameplay restraints. The cloaks are non-transferable and work on timers so you can't just sit there cloaked all day and pick on players. A mild form of RP will be run on the server, those that don't want to do RP can also just carry on about their business without penalty.

More details regarding the roleplay aspects of the server, can be found on my Gizmo Studios forum:

I won't give you a timeframe but the mod is finished, simply bug hunting and improving server stabilty.

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