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Hello, my name is DerxwnaKapsyla, and I'd like to explain where we are and who we are.

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My name is DerxwnaKapsyla, head of ChaoticInfinity Development. CID consists of, at all times, myself, and most of the time consists of friends who help me work on different projects. Since tehy aren't always consistent, it doesn't seem right to list them as "always here", but I consider them with just as much take over the projects as I do myself.

Touhou 金猟師闘争 ~ War of the Rice (Translated: Eastern Gold Hunter's Struggle ~ War of the Rice), is still going to remain a Full Conversion mod of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. Most all features that Drogan had planned are going to stay, but my team and I are working on revising a lot of these concepts, and preparing a slurry of new features, as well as bug fixes and balancing issues left over in the 0.014 Version.

Before we really go any further, I should introduce the team working on the mod.

Mugendai is one of the people doing Ini editing alongside me. He and I have both dreamed of making a mod of Yuri's Revenge, and we both verily enjoy the Touhou Series. I think that Mugendai and I were two of the most hyped people when we heard of this mod, and were hoping it'd get completed. When Drogan said he was discontinuing work on the mod, Mugendai and I took this chance to not let the mod's potential to go to waste and pick it up and work on it ourselves, fulfilling both our aspirations - a Touhou Fangame and a Yuri's Revenge mod.

Ichorheart is another person doing Ini edits alongside Mugendai and Myself. Unlike myself, however, Ichor is also working on Voxels and SHPs for stuff lacking them, as well as the new stuff we plan to add. He's not a full time Voxel Artist, though, but he can get the work done when he needs/wants to. As the name would imply, Ichor, he's a rather large fan of the Command & Conquer franchise. He also happens to be another fan of the Touhou Series, which falls in really well with the mod.

DerxwnaKapsyla, or myself, is the leader of ChaoticInfinity Development. Aside from working on the Touhou x CnC mod, he works on games in RPG Maker XP - specifically Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version. He's had the aspirations of creating a Touhou crossover with Command & Conquer long before he learned of the mod by Drogan, and started working on some skirmish maps to try and create a Touhou-esque feel.

There's also many other people providing input on how certain locales would work, certain factions, but I figured I'd list the three main people of the team here. The others will be listed in the credits upon release.

Now, about the mod itself.

In the week we've had the mod, we've managed to fix a number of glaring balancing issues and a few bugs that were present in 0.014. We've also added in a few new features as well to help balance out some factions. A few changes which will be present in the mod:

  • Eirin has lost her Medic capability and is now a sniper-like unit. The gimmick is she can snipe tank pilots, and engineers can enter the tank to take them over. Once Ares gets a straight up build with AttachEffect, she'll have passive healing aura which heals units inside the circle.
  • Hakurei Liberation Army now has a Battle Fortress-like unit (Using a slightly modified Battle Fortress graphic for the time being).
  • The Youkai Mountain Batallion (Originally just Kappa faction) Engineer has lost their stealth capability, and as a result now only needs a Youkai Mountain Encampment to be built.
  • The Ancient Devil's Coalition (Originally Scarlet Devil Syndicate) subfaction, Chireiden, can now build Oni and Hell Ravens as subfaction specific units.

Various inconsistencies with graphics have been fixed (Such as height levels for the Lunar Construction Yard) as well.

Some of the backstories have changed around a bit as well, and the story has been tweaked minorly. There will be a revised edition of the backstories posted up here. Expect to see them eventually.

Currently, we are in the process of playtesting and bug fixing, alongside balancing. We'll bring more updates as they come in.

We really hope that. if we manage to release this mod, we hope you enjoy what we put out. A Touhou + Command & Conquer game seems silly - contextually, it is! - but we aren't striving for a "Super Serious" mod. This mod is designed for fans of both series, with the intention of a fun and enjoyable time.

If you wish to get ahold of me or the others working on the mod, here are our contact links:
DerxwnaKapsyla's Tumblog -
Ichorheart's Tumblog -
Mugendai's Tumblog
ChaoticInfinity Development's Tumblog (Only use this if you want to report bugs) -

And with that, I really don't have much more to say! I'll be back later with some updates about things. Till then, keep your eye out - this mod isn't dead yet.

- DerxwnaKapsyla
(The picture is irrelevant, I needed to upload something and didn't prepare anything)


Wow, those are better names than I could think of!

And as former dev of the mod, I wish you guys best of luck!

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