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Now that we've passed the 100k mark in our kickstarter, we felt the time was right to unveil our first major stretch goal: Mod Tools. Our goal with Halcyon 6 is more than just releasing an awesome game, we want to make a system with supported mod tools that will allow our players to tell incredible space epics in game form. Check out our video for more info!

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When we launched our kickstarter campaign, we didn't think we'd be immediately successful enough to unveil our mod tools stretch goal. But our amazing backers proved us wrong, and here we are:

As per our video above, we're super excited for our backers and players to be able to take our system and use it to build a unique galaxy and game story of their own. Our goal is to give our players the tools to create anything from basic mods to elaborate scenarios with new art, characters, stories and more. And the mods will be supported via Steam Workshop!

To accomplish this, we'd also be adding a new developer to the team.

If you're interested, check out our kickstarter. Thanks!

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