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This article for enumeration of command and work. Pleasant game!

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Mod Team:

syabr - Autor of idea, Project Lead, Scening
Ordinary - OSP finder, Scening, Models adding, Module sistem
nord-cannibal97 - Modelling, Dialogs.
Totigor - Modelling.
Entrosent - Modelling.
WhiteKnight - Designer.
Danteil - Compositing.
Гай Ганник - Scening.
GerALT - Testing.
Виктор Устинов - Consultation.
Maxix - Helper, tester, videomaker.
Mr.Awesome (vovgre) - Helper.
Mik - Helper.
Yarl Olaf - Helper.
Artemeis - Scening.
Boromir - Scening.
Lalka - Dialogs and Russ language.
Maxix - Helper, testing.
Lezvie - Helper.
Vampir - Scening.

Lophier - Scening (исключён).

It is let to place on any web-sites with reference to the homepage. Scenes are made just for this mod. Use and copy is prohibited. this mod is the English translation, I will be happy if this mod will be translated into other languages.
You can put this mod on your web pages, citing a source -
Also I will be glad if they are listed mod developers

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Custom battle as an independent modification: download.
This tool lets you to make any battle from Native. U may choose any lord or king.
the editor is divided into 4 windows and every contains it's own settings
u may choose the number and type of troops
type of battle
siege or defendind
even weather and time of battle
also u may choose any scene as a battlefield
More info here.

I beg my pardon for my english. Hope u'll enjoy the game!

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