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This is the roadmap for the assault squad 2 version of the mod. In the article you find a preview video for the new Waffen SS faction.

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Dear fans of Global War,

I have made quite some progress with the conversion for Assault Squad 2. Unfortunately real life matters have not allowed me to work as much as I wanted on the mod, but I am still developing it. Currently I managed to finish the Waffen SS faction, both for the human player and the AI player. I am going to rework the Partisan faction because I was not satisfied with it: they were completely overpowered in the early game thanks to the sniper infiltration that was available from the beginning, but suffered a lot in late game, to the point that either you closed the game in the first 30 minutes or the game would degenerate into a stalemate. Another thing I did not like is that you could combine intel for the Soviet Union and the Allies and you could unlocked units for both, which looked like weird. So these are the changes I will implement to the Partisans (refer to the preview articles for reference):

  • You have offensive and defensive intel for each sub-branch of the Partisans (Partisan forces, Soviet Union, and Allies).
  • You have an additional "spy network" intel that unlocks an ultimate unit/ability for each sub-branch.
  • If you choose one of the two Soviet Union support commands, you cannot send intel to the Allies.
  • Sending intel to the Allies or the Soviet Union locks the possibility of sending intel to the other faction, so you cannot mix up Soviet and Allied units.
  • Each intel costs some technology points depending on the units it unlocks.

Furthermore there will be an extra change with respect to the previous versions: due to memory allocation issues in supporting all 8 factions on a single map (the game does not even load 8 factions correctly on some maps and crashes with OUT OF MEMORY error), I decided to split them according to different fronts:

  • Eastern front contains Soviet Union, Wehrmacht, Axis Foreign Army, Waffen SS, and Partisans.
  • Western front contains USA, Commonwealth, Partisans, Wehrmacht, and Waffen SS.
  • Southern Front contains Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, Axis Foreign Army, USA, Commonwealth, Partisans.
  • Pacific front contains Japanese Empire, Soviet Union, USA, and Commonwealth.

Also from now on only Axis vs Allies combinations are allowed for better realism and stability.


  • Port scripts and config files (100%)
  • Port maps (30%)
  • Waffen SS faction (100%)
  • Partisan faction (50%)
  • Port tutorials (0%)

Here you also find a gameplay preview of the new Waffen SS faction:


Why don't you stick to the original MOW? If you have insufficient memory, you can use 4G patch

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BlackCaesar Author

It doesn't work, I tried.

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wheres the mod link?

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