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RJ-ROTWK mod review - another mod amongst many in the BFME 2 modding scene, yes, you might be waiting for the Edain mod's english translation, but until then, you'll need something to pass the time.

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I'm back with another mod review, this time i am doing a mod for battle for middle earth 2 rise of the witch king (bfme 2 ROTWK) which is as you may have guessed a lord of the rings game, there are a lot of lord of the rings games around but not that many rts ones, for anyone wanting to buy the game, it may not appeal much to lore fans because there are quite a lot of made up units (most of the goblin race, which should, correctly, be orcs of the misty mountains, there are no goblins in Tolkien's world. but anyways, onto the mod.)

RJ-ROTWK is a mod designed to make the game feel more like bfme 1, which was really good. the mod splits several factions, adds 1 and changes another, men of the west is split into gondor and rohan, the evil men are removed from mordor and turned into a new factions, men of the east (which is a bit misleading, for it also contains haradrim of the south) arnor is added and the elves get a new system, which i will explain after i have talked about the men of the east, who work very similarly.

At the beginning of the game, elven and evil men players can turn there castle into either Rhun or Harad for the evil men, or Lorien and Rivendell for the elves, Mirkwood was going to be added but you can't get them yet. The starting faction appears to have no visible penalties besides from the starting units, for later on elves can use lorien or Mirkwood units (only one of these though) however, sadly, despite their awesome looking units, Mirkwood are unusable when you choose them. the men of the east are not as prohibited, for they can switch between both factions of Harad and Rhun's buildings at will.

Arnor has elven and DĂșnedain allies, who they need to be at their strongest, allying with these factions is done via a fortress upgrade. Inns work using alliances now, you choose one of the factions (for good, it is Elves, Dwarves, i think Gondor/Rohan and the Southern Fiefdoms, which are the countries under the control of Gondor, axemen of Lossanarch etc, for evil, Rhun, Harad, Mordor and Isengard) and you can get a selection of their units, however, i found that most of these factions have at least one unique unit in the list that the factions themselves cannot get

there are new powers and a lot of new heroes,problem is that since most don't speak in the film a lot of them have create a hero voices, but it can be overlooked. many of the squads, especially of the good factions, have being minimized because of the return to bfme 1. The mod has a lot of new maps, some are from the bfme 1 and 2 campaigns, and the ones marked RJ are bfme 1 maps that have you start in a fortress/castle like in bfme 1 and built inside that.

Overall, i want to say that this mod breathed a lot new life into my bfme 2 experience, i've just returned to it but i really enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to refresh their gaming experience

9/10 because it still has some unfinished parts (portraits etc) but overall i really liked it.

you can download it from the mod page -

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