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Look WHAT we have to say about Revolution Zone.Updates will do great for this mod.

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Yesterday I received another message about Mini Mod Zone:

Stalker: Hello FioritoBr! Cade the mod MMZ to SHOC? :

I: The mod MMZ is totally out of date.

Stalker: What did? The mod went bankrupt?

Me: No MMZ ceased to exist and earned a new name (Revolution Zone)

Stalker: Wow, can I speak my have for this mod?

I: Check out the news that I will post on ModDB in Revolution Zone to CoP.

Revolution Zone: Updated

Mini Mod Zone over?

Me: No it was updated and given a new name, Revolution Zone.
Anonymos: The more he just won a new name? You will not have anything new?
I: Revolution Zone has a large expansion from now.

Stalker Cop Revolution Zone, not just here, he continued developing after we finish Revolution Zone for SHOC.

Update list for CoP.

Add Atmosfear 3 Add Absolute Structures.
Add New weapons.
Add New Costumes.
Add New Effects.
Add New Scripts.
Add New Textures for Weapons.
Add new items.
Add Mutants Forgotten.

Update list for SHOC.

Add New Shader
Add New Weapons.
Add Absolute Structures.
Add Mutants Forgotten.
Add New Items
Add new animations for weapons.
Add New Scripts (Those who exists in Zone Revolution Cop V 3.0 )
And much more.

Update list for CS.
Not discussed yet.

Wait to see the great revolution that will have on the area.


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ZkkaLuus ™

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