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A few hours before the contest deadline, uHOT is finally released.

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Well, here it goes! I'd like to thank everyone, specially the responsibles for the contest, which gently kicked me in the butt to get back to the modding scene. I don't believe I have much chance of winning anything, but it was a great ride. Honestly, I don't believe I'd have spent my lunch hours during the week on something more constructive than this.

I'd also like to thank the community that helped me and encouraged me, as well other members here on ModDB that encouraged me as well. Thanks for caring about my mod and classic UT!

I've actually been away from the mod for the past two weeks, since I basically had finished the scripting, and all that was left was the graphical part, that I don't really enjoy doing. So yeah, I was lazy, and decided to polish the visuals on the last hours.

The result is that I didn't manage to finish everything I planned to make it look more like SUPERHOT. I'm still missing the SUPERHOT styled localized messages, the Camera effect of respawning, and of course, removing the textures from the map - the only feature that I spent many hours trying to reach, but gave up for lack of knowledge or engine limitation, whatever it is.

There're aren't many diferences from this version to the demo. Basically, I've fixed the PulseGun primary fire (which was actually disappearing quickly while in mid-air (low lifespan).

The rest of the changes were all visual. Removed blood, decals and smokes from the game, replaced sprites for effects and muzzles with non-colored ones... to match a little the SUPERHOT identity.

Also, I've added a nice touch on weapon models that show the players arm/hand (Enforcer, Minigun, Pulsegun and Sniper), which will show the player parts in his color (which is nice specially in Team games).

The "demo" I released before was just a way to get some interested people to get into it before I finished the polishing, and maybe I could luckily get some feedback in time for the final version.

So, here we are. I don't know wheter or not I'll continue on the modding scene... maybe shift to the new UT and give it a shot on something, maybe I'll never mod again... but surely I'll keep this whole experience with me for the rest of my life.


Gustavo "Darkness" Freitas

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