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WarFleet mod summary or what is this mod? Frequently asked questions.

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So what is this mod?

This is a total conversion in to Sci-Fi at War type mod with all available units types and classes from different universes and new mechanics. This mod specilizes on ship-to-ship combat and different ship combinations, becouse some ship are good in surface battles, another in space or assasination missions, some of them are multirole frigates or artillery type frigates, another are fast, agile corvettes or slow fortresses - battleships and superweapon such as Executor, Nova, Borg cube. And of course, all weapons are different and have various effectivity.

What is is new in this mod?
Only ship battles in Space and I will add planetary attacks - Surface Battles, opportunity to build your own customizable flagman (you can add different types of weapons, change ship color, or make your own ship class from scratch), researching of ships, upgrading ships, level-uping ships and a lot of defence special structures on maps in Skirmish (light defence line, medium defence line and Base-shipyard defence line) and GC (defence line, economical structures line and Base-shipyard line) thats adds a new unique gameplay. I already made a very big Galactic map (nearly 50 planets now, +60-70 in future) with planets from different universes with a centerpoint of battles - The Maw, but I will release it nearly 15 December.

Why Sci-Fi at War type?
I really like BSG, Star Wars, Halo, StarGate, Mass Effect, Star Trek universes and I would like to make maximally realistic ship battles from different Universes.

When will you release it?
15 October, but I don't really know when I release first full version (my mod is finished now for 0.05%). I'm one person and I havent a lot of free time, If you want to study hard in the University. But I will make Work In Progress posts.

I have some ideas for the mod.
Really? Write it down! Suggestions are always welcome (unless they are "add this unit to the mod" as how can I add a model unless it exists or I havent a permission from Its authors, but I wil do all that I can.).

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