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We are recruiting anyone that knows how to texture animate and model if you are interested please send me a PM.

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So will the mod remake firestorm campaign? :We are thinking about doing a firestorm campaign that includes the original videos.

Will the mod include firestorm generators emp cannons and the original ion cannon? Yes it will and the nuclear missile will be removed and replaced with cluster missiles.

What about ion storms and other tiberium attacks? Yes they may act a little different but ya it will be in game.

Do you plan to add a few more races than what the original game had and what about naval that has never been seen in tiberium series? : There is a possibility of naval and CABAL and forgotten being playable but I don't know if I even plan to add these 2 races.

What about the original game Tiberian Sun? Well I'm not sure if I'm going to remake the Campaign on Tiberian.

What about gates? Yes there will be gates but this time the gate will stay open unless an enemy approaches to close to it it will close the gate up so have a juggernaut or something long range or a turret to kill it or have an air unit take it down or whatever man you got outside or whatever, when the guy gets killed or moves away it will open back up and you free to move in and move out.

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