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A simple showcase of the changes to the Aduniam's Roster and a better explanation of the mod's future, along with some info on the mod's release date, so have a good look through.

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You'll have to excuse my god-awful writing, but here's a long-overdue article on the mod. Usual spiel here CVEO focuses on updating current designs in DAC and or completely overhauling a faction's visuals and potentially roster structure. The visual changes will consist of more accurate onscreen appearances or more historically authentic or more realistic armor designs, so no oversized pauldrons or breastplates; that rest on the modern beltline. I also plan on rebalancing the game to be more challenging (hopefully); this will be in the form of armor value consistency, weapon consistency, changes to recruitment time, replenishment, and unit availability in settlement types. Major changes will be done later on in the development once most factions have been touched; by my disgusting grubby goblin hands. Do keep in mind that this submod has no real intention of being 100% lore accurate, but I will try to bring out as much flavor to each faction and will spend as much time on each one until I am satisfied with the results, so patient and expect lots of redesigns and scraped models.

So The Ar-Aduniam's roster has pretty much been completed, but the three unique starting generals haven't gotten any new models, and the standard general doesn't have a new strat model. However, I think people have waited long enough for the Aduniam roster, and I will release a version of the Aduniam roster that would be compatible with V4.5 and one for V4.6 for those who may not switch to V4.6. This, of course, means a V4.6 will come a little later as some changes in the DB's would have to be accounted for.

So what's changed in the aduniam's roster; well, aside from the visual changes, some of their military doctrines have changed. We'll start with the Azrazâir units.

Azrazâir Boarding Pikes

These guys use to the Azrazâir raiders but have been changed to a two-handed spear unit to better emphasize later period naval warfare during a boarding phase of an engagement. They can also use stakes and will be one of two units that can for the Azrazâir.

Azrazâir archers

They haven't changed much

Azrazâir Warriors

Formerly a two-handed axe unit, they have been changed to a light javelin unit with axe and shield.

Azrazâir crossbows

The only changes are they have been given an axe and stakes.

Azrazâir Marines

These are the elites of the Azrazâir branch of the Ar-Adiniam's roster. Well armored and equipped with long-distance javelins, which have been made with fletching to stabilize their flight. They have also been equipped with warhammers and a shield.

Now onto the regular army, this consists of the Rôzadan and Abrazanim units.

Rôzadan Footmen

mostly visual

Rôzadan Halberdiers

mostly visual

Rôzadan Archers

mostly visual

Abrazanim Nardutârik

Have been made into a legionary-type unit with heavy armor-piercing pilum.

Abrazanim Nardunarâk

A new Halberd unit

Abrazanim Nardubawîb

Mostly visual

Abrazanim Narduzagar (haven't come up with a new name)

Have been changed from a two-handed sword infantry to a Macedonian style phalanx.

Finally some elites, and the bodyguard.

Naru n'Aru Household Guard

The bodyguard has been changed from a spear and shield unit to a poleaxe infantry.

Naru n'Aru Royal Guard

mostly visual

Naru n'Aru Royal Knights

The knights have been given a lance, a new horse model, and use a warhammer and shield.

Ar-Pharazôn's Faithful

mostly visual

Berúthiel's Watch (Haven't come up with a new name)

Have been changed from a ranger-type unit to a heavily armored steel bow unit.

Adûnâim Armsmen

The Armsmen have been repurposed to take the former role of the Narduzagar and are now a heavy two-handed sword infantry.

Abrazanim Telemnarnarîka

A new Flamethrower unit with a two-handed axe as a secondary weapon.

I will also add the new model for the Harondor mercenaries, which is also getting some new assets to add a bit more variation.

For the release date, I can't give a precise day; but I can say what month sometime in May I will be releasing the Aduniam roster of the submod after; it has been released I will be working on the gundabad and finish any make any hotfix that may be needed in between the major faction updates.

I also now have a discord for the submod, so feel free to jump on in; this will make it easier for those who want to propose some ideas, ask questions, and potentially help out with a few things like unit descriptions or names.


these are all some of the most gorgeous medieval 2 models ive seen, fantastic job!!

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Wow it looked cool i will wait for whenever the faction is done and get released

plus flamethrower is a bonus too should be fun burning anyone that is in the way of the AA conquest :)

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very nice progress and quality!

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I'm not sure how I feel about steel bows for AA. They are not pure Numenorians, so they shouldn't have the strength to draw that bow, only the Dunedain of the North had them before, and only in small numbers. Not even Gondor or DA get them.

Anyways the models are drop dead gorgeous. Beautiful work!

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Hey...❤❤ My pu︆︆ssy gets so wet, look at ....✅✅ Wanna come inside? >> g︆︆︆︆g.︆︆︆︆gg/oa9py

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Thank you! Communication is so important when it comes to mods or games and this means the most.

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Lovely update on the roster Castellan! I'm really loving the aesthetic of your AA and also quite intrigued by the doctrine shift that you seem to be doing, your mod seems to be going even more beyond the pale of simply a visual enhancement and I am totally looking forward to it.

Also, the picture for the Naru N'Aru Household Guards and the Ar-Pharazon's Faithful seems to be the picture of the Telemnarnarika?

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Castellan*Taurion* Author

Yeah, the images change for some reason; it happened more than once when I was making the article.

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They really have "evil empire" vibes now. Haven't checked up on this in about a year, but the progress has been great :D

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