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Ever since i play Fallout from 2008 i wanted to enhance the game with sublime graphics. At first i created a Weather/Lighting overhaul mod with the GECK, and i succeeded in making in a whole lot more natural lighting wise, but since version .118 of the ENB directX modification from Boris Vorontsov i was able to play Fallout smoothly with SSAO, Dynamic DOF, Shadows, Bloom and SweetFX. So id decided to redo/adapt URWL especially for the ENB Series mod.

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Tis mod is actually a much more evolved version of URWL, but all the cinematic filters and Imagespacemodifier settings have been neutralized and all colors are tuned for perfect Night/Day detection with ENB series from Boris Vorontsov.
I actually talked to him quite a lot to get everything perfect in my mod, so i can safely say that this is the best mod for weather to use in conjunction with ENB series.
At the time of this writing the latest version is .161 and you can get it at Boris Vorontsov's site
You have to go there for updates on the Fallout ENB too, if you have any problems concerning install or glitches i suggest you use the forum on to get your answer there, Boris is very helpful and reacts quickly to questions asked.

This mod is in the late Beta stage, this means that the mod is actually very much done, i only have to tweak some little things and maybe add some nice features in the scripted menu and installer.
I am thinking of letting this become a total overhaul mod for aesthetics, not for gameplay.
As of now there are already some extra's in the install menu that you can install that go beyond lighting and weather.

Check back every once in a while to see what has been added.

Enjoy the mod !

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