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Hi All,

So due to recent personal events i haven't been able to work on the mod at all and kind of lost my knack for it. Now that being said i am trying to get back into the hang of it but some other issues have arrived. With the announcement of an Official Games-Workshop licensed game Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. This cause issues with the mod, GW has a strict non competition clause basically stating that it is against there terms of agreement to have a mod on a separate game that shares a similar play style to there own games. Hence all the other RTS mods for Warhammer 40k usually shut down if they get to big and noticed and I have yet to receive a letter from them on this mod but it will come. It does not mean it won't. So to you the loyal followers of this mod and to my mod team which i have neglected and i apologize for; we have two options

1) Work on the mod and keep adding to it till i get a letter.

2) We fix up what we have gotten so far and have one final release.

Personally don't feel like finding out how good the Lawyers are for GW but that's me haha

Sincerely Deepest Regards,

Lord of the Ultramar System

Roboute Guilliman

Akesis - - 47 comments

Disappointing, but understandable

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IronXZ - - 73 comments

Damn, that's a shame. Why do all Warhammer space battle mods die?? On topic, as much as I want to see this more fleshed out, I think a final release is better so you guys don't get bothered by GW lawyers.

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Commissar_Delta - - 5,830 comments

Deploy the legal team.

GW legal team, you are clear for take off, give em hell

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Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

Man i never understood why are people so scared of C&D letters and such, they can't do **** to you. I've seen many mod teams just leave ModDB, make their own forum/website and continue the mods to this day, with successful releases. I suggest you do the same when the time comes.

That is of course unless you don't want to work on the mod anymore and can't wait for the day you get a C&D letter...if that's the case just be honest and tell us you don't want to work on the mod anymore :P

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Roboute-Guilliman Author
Roboute-Guilliman - - 664 comments

Well it is different seems how i live in the Common Wealth which means it isnt and international dispute it is consider local and those mods haven't been caught if they do there will be huge amount of issues to arise seems how part of my team is going to school for modeling etc. for gaming they can be blacklisted as well which i dont want for them.

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Wintercross - - 539 comments

Honestly, C&D's have little weight if your making a free mod, using your own assets (ie self made models, textures etc.) as it all falls under fair use derivative works.

That's why people can post their crappy fan-fics online and the creators of the IP can't do anything about it.

It's mostly just to scare people into backing down.

Having said that, of course it's up to you how to proceed, I say just keep working on it.

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L.Leonhart - - 1 comments

I've been following this mod for awhile and think it looks fantastic!

This mod looks more impressive than what GW has planned. Sins allows for a much heavier strategy type of game. For instance the fact that there are planets and you can create an entire galaxy worth makes it more of a grand-strategy than a straight-up RTS. Also I think this game would be a lot closer to what a 40k game should be.

No matter what you decide, I would like to help you out. I'm not an artist, or a programmer, or designer, but I am a very good writer and would be willing to do any sort of copy-writing or editing you might need. Also, I have some marketing and social media experience. Not sure if that's useful, but I'd like to do what I can.

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Arma_dei_Carabinieri - - 252 comments

I vote keep adding to it until the letter comes...and as it comes you could do one final clean up release...

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