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Future major updates may be delayed, Tier system announced, Patch announced.

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Just a little update on the news.

1. Future updates of the mod might be a bit delayed, as i currently have to get 2 more models done and working in-game for the Tier system i'm going to implement in my mod, and my modeler has... well, let's just say things didn't go so well. Anyway, untill the models are done and turned into what i'm planning on them to be, there will probably be no updates. However, i expect to be done with this around the end of April.

2. The Tier system mentioned above will work as so:

Each faction will only start with the ACU. It will have access to all your basic buildings, all the factories, and a so called Engineering factory. The Engineering factory will produce T1, T2, and T3 engineers. These then build T1/T2/T3 buildings (including T1/2/3 Air/Land/Naval factories), the ACU will probably also have an upgrade to be able to build T3 buildings. That's roughly the idea.

3. I will probably release a small patch to the current version of SD, just to fix the few glitches and to apply the scale changes. It will also somewhat be a balance patch.

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