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Keeping the mod alive and well... Screen's to prove it!

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Happy Thanksgiving, ModDB Community! as my gift to all who're following this mod, I give you insight to my most recent endeavors with this mod- The Sullust Imperial Base. I'll be uploading screens as this map is FAR from completion but what I'm willing to show, I hope is satisfactory and might be a fun map in the near future. Sullust is one of my favorite planets, and I've long wanted to make this map. But it's hard to make a base inside a complex and hilly surface. That is until I retex'd the Hoth outposts. I've decided that Boba Fett is this project's mascot. He's always been a favorite of mine and his everlasting quest for vengeance reminds me of my quest for a life worth living. Besides, he's also quite controversial as to whether he's alive so that fits this mod PERFECTLY, hahaha. Hope everyone's been somewhat enjoying the clusterbomb of a map I made already, and thank you so much for even bothering to read this! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving or whatever you celebrate, and as always- May the Force Be With You

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