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I won't be working on this mod for long time now due to school year. Theres still month until school starts, but due to some people that i don't give a sh*t i decided to close it early.

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Basicly it closed because of people whining that i should have a 24/7 server. Well i got to say i don't care about having one. Hosting a server costs money, and not all of us are able to let ourselves pay for something that gives no visible benefit.

I will still work on it, but it won't be aviable soon. SVN version will be still updated from time to time. And my server will still be on when i'm able to host it, well basicly just how it is now, but for all those whiners that i don't care about the mod is dead.

And yes i'm in a bad mood, and that last comment about server just pissed me off completely.

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