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An Info of what this mod is about and credits to certain people

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Hello all and welcome to Tiberium Wars Firestorm Mod Page!

First of all, this mod is a port of my previous KW mod: Tiberium Insanity, and is a continuation of its last version
There are a few things I would like to point out: some units/upgrades act differently than KW and that's why some things seem different:

1- Reckoners (and any other transport unit with more than 1 garrison slot) is bugged in TW, and that's why they only have 1 garrison slot when undeployed

2- Hammerheads (and mainly transport aircraft in general) act differently than in KW. You will find that when infantry is ordered to garrison into the transport, instead of the transport moving towards the unit, it just drops down and waits on the ground for the infantry to garrison it. And another thing, when ordering a unit to garrison the hammerhead, but halfway through the order is canceled, that hammerhead will stop accepting garrisons and act as if it already has infantry inside of it

3- MARV harvesting doesn't work in TW, same thing for Eradicator Hexapod gaining money from kills (Recyclotron system)

5- Laser Fencing/Sonic Repulsion Field/Ion Shields upgrade only grant armor bonus in TW. Preventing C4 charges and engineer captures seems to be only a KW thing

6- Mechapede functions are only KW. That's why they are a mind-controlling unit here. (For that I removed Cultists)

7- Production structures can only have 1 training animation (and that's also why Redeemer's training animation isn't as cool as KW)

8- Shadow teams deploying artillery beacons isn't exactly like KW, (all the members deploy the beacons instead of just 1 member) (and any other infantry squad that has an ability)

Despite these changes, I still hope that you guys will enjoy this mod!


Credits to these amazing fellas who helped me in making this mod:

Stygs - Who has helped me a lot in making some small neat model changes for me and helping me out with codes

Carnius - The owner of TE - Thanks once again to him for making his models of public use - Go check out his Tiberium Essence Mod :D

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