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>>> Google translate of README file <<< Sorry for that, I dont have time to manually translate all this text.

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Long War: Retribution.
Alpha 0.3.

It is required:
- XCOM: Enemy Unknown
- XCOM: Enemy Within expansion
- Long War 1.0

- (optional) Make a backup of the game files that are in the archive. They are few.
- Copy the folder from the archive with the replacement files to the \ XComGame OR OR \ XEW \ XComGame directory. If you have both folders, select the second option.
- Suff... Play.

ATTENTION. All the life facilitations for the player in the text below are designed to play on the most recent difficulty. Others are not considered.
P.S. The game is NOT on the last difficulty, it is recommended only to complete beginners in general, who not only did not play the classics, but even these x-coms and long vars. And then at least with a hard start. For with such casualness it was possible and necessary to make MORE harder.

Built-in mods:

1. Sequential Overwatch (1.3). Allows you to shoot your soldiers from combat readiness in turn, and not all at once for one target. In some cases, it happens that two soldiers still shoot at the same time.
2. Customize Charges. The mod is used to change the number of charges of different devices in a big way.
3. Enable UFO Scanners. Turns on the display of broken UFOshek from the beginning of the game. Relevant studies provide only a bonus.
4. EnhancedTacticalInfo. Enables the display of heaps of useful information in tactical missions.
5. Item Grid for Long War. Decreases the display of slots for additional items for soldiers.
6. MecCloseCombat. The futility of the melee IEC rules.
7. Recruitmenttime. Reduces recruitment time for soldiers to 24 hours. (We receive scientists and engineers by teleport, I see no reason not to do the same with the soldiers)
8. HUD Cleaner MOUSE CONTROLS - removes the buttons that are clicked from the tactical interface.

Changes concerning only DefaultGameCore:

1. Perks.
2. Stats bonuses.
2a. Bonuses stats ENEMIES.
3. The starting stats of recruits are SLIGHTLY increased.
4. The weapon. All machine guns, light and heavy, as well as shotguns, can carry half the classes. The ban remained only on snipers for other classes, except for the sniper itself. If you think that a gatling attack aircraft is an imba, better not to put this mod. (In the direct hands of the same imba)
4a. Bazooka dresses in any class in the gun slot. Additional rockets are taken into the backpack by any class. Missiles in the inventory without a bazooka, of course, will not shoot.
4b. Bazookas of all three species damage is proportionally increased. Now this is not a weak grenade, but quite an aid to itself, capable of carrying a pack of deer from several volleys.
5. Things. Some things have lost class dependence. At the IEC, you can now put on much more diverse trash. Some of the things are rebalanced, the description can now absolutely not correspond to the effect, I can also correct the descriptions for all kinds of armor made of alloys in vain (!!! maybe it will be fixed in the release). However, you will not find anything cheating, except that the bonuses hp and accuracy on the corresponding gears have slightly increased.
6. Extraction of resources. Rebalance is very tricky. The player can be glad to see the amount of 600+ bucks for the abduction mission and from 15 to dofig of the nanosplash for each canister (random fierce, you can catch 50-70 from the start, and 15 by the start or vice versa). In fact, the player quickly runs into a shortage of money - first and further until the launch of all satellites, on the midgame runs into a shortage of alien alloys, and on the late the eleria will be catastrophically missed. Not to mention the eternal lack of flight compartments and energy sources. Even with the usual settings, without any decrease in funding levels there, and taking into account the departure for each UFO and mission for the first six months. There is always not enough money here right up to the late, therefore the nanosplash was chosen as a “cho to sell” so that the player could at least take the 100 bucks he needed to build another lab.
7. Tweaks of time. Fatigue, instead of the mod for its complete removal, is simply reduced - the soldier must, after the task, drink a seagull and sleep. Fatigue varies in hours, up to about 12. Wounds are treated in about a day, the most severe no more than 3.5 days. We have here, excuse me, nanomachines that can cut a second heart to a person, there are psi abilities and even cold thermonuclear fusion. It was still not enough for the local hospital to treat the soldiers for weeks. Re-equipment of birds - 12 hours, relocation of 6 hours. Repair, it’s true, was tweaked from 600 standard (like) to as much as 576. Do not reduce! There is a bug with it (especially after studying the accelerated repair), so to avoid it, you need to leave the mechanics of the birds a lot of time for blackjack and ...
8. Armor. In accordance with the mod for reducing the visual size of slots, now the base one gives 1 slot, the shitty one gives 2 slots for things, then 3, 4, and 6 gives Titan, the top is the Archangel, gives 8. Psi armor gives 4-5-6 , and Shadow 5. Also is a bug, it is impossible to fix it under my settings - all recruits will have 2 slots for clothes, until they change their armor.
9. Dugomet. It is taken instead of a pistol and has more charges.
10. IECs have become better. By the number of hp, by the range of running, by the number of slots.

11. EXPERIENCE. To reach the top level, a fighter needs 7500 experience. Of course, before that, everything was also redone. This also applies to PSI experience, but there is less.
12. Something else.

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