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Ok, here we go! Here i'll try to explain, which parts of the game are changed and what is entirely new in the mod. There are basically tons of new custom content in the mod, and various fun systems to make the game even more enjoyable, such as leveling units, unit limits to make the game more balanced and challenging (of course, you can increase the limits of all your units via special research). And pretty much everything. I'll write a FAQ here to cover up many aspects of the mod:

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But before I'll start, i would like to thank the hiveworkshop and xgm communities for their huge help. At each release i'll put an extra "readme" which will contain the credits to all the model and icon makers. Without their awesome work, my mod would be really junk =)

F.A.Q. part 1.
Q:Is the mod lore related to the Blizzard lore and if it is, then what period of lore does this mode feature?
A: Yes the lore is at most part the same as Blizzard one. The period is from events in RoC to Cataclysm and further. There are few differences however, i'll try to highlight some of them:
1)Gilneas is NOT an Alliance faction like Blizzard stated recently, and neither it is Horde faction. In my mod it is very standalone faction with it's own politics and it's own option of view at every problem. Gilneas is a neutral faction which is constantly tearing apart from within. And the recent civil war had weakened the kingdom even more. However, the days of the Gilneas haven't ended, and the old king Genn Greymane isn't alone in his constant fight against the fallen archmage Arugal and his minions.
2)Stonemaul Ogres and some Ogre clans of Blade's Edge Mountains have joined the Horde. And they are now full-fledged members of this mighty union.
3)After the defeat of the Lich King, Knights of the Ebon Blade, took under their command most of the scattered armies of the Scourge. Now with seemingly reinforced armies they have created a legion, an Ebon Legion, as they call themselves.
However the Scourge isn't completely destroyed, and the loyal Liches and Necromancers of the Lich King are eager to ensure the return of their former master.

Q: How many factions in total this mod will feature?
A: Short answer - dunno. Long answer - i'll create as much faction as it's possible. In fact there will be 1 new faction in each release. With the only exception of first release, which will feature 2 full-fledged factions - The New Horde and The Ebon Legion.

Q: Where is the guarantee that you'll actually release the mod?
A: Of course there are no "guarantees", but I'll try to explain the release system of the mod:
each version of the mod have a deadline of 3 months. If the mod is ready before the deadline then you all are lucky and you'll get your hands on finished and polished version of the mod. However if i'll not finish the mod by the time, i'll release the so called "forced release" of the mod as it would be at that moment. And later i'll release the polished and fixed version of the mod. So you indeed have some sort of guarantee that you'll get your hand on the mod my the time.

Q: Can you tell more about the 2 factions available in the first release?
A: As I've already said those two factions will be The New Horde and The Ebon Legion. I'll uncover the details about the second in near future, but right now i'll tell you few tips about the first one:
This faction will consist of various Orc and Tauren clans. The Darkspear Trolls along with other allied tribes and Horde-aligned Ogre Tribes will form a new faction, of course allied with the New Horde. This is done for balancing reasons. They all are still part of the Horde.

Q: What about AI in the game?
A: The computer will play only with the standard 4 factions of Frozen Throne. But i've plans to create an AI for other races in the future (not top priority tho.)

Q: And will we have access to the standard factions?
A: Perhaps, but they'll be just placeholders for the new factions in future.

Check the rest of the FAQ in part 2, which will come up in few days (or there's a small chance of today =))

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