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latest info about the devellopement of H3L for unreal tournament 3

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Hi, I'm Tr3a, game designer and lead designer of H3L
first i'd like to thank the guys that commented the mod, it really encourage us to continue the work

right now, the news...

we have hired a young ( :p ) but motivated level designer in the name of Elzean he already have beginned the work on the maps.
for most of them they will be urban close quarter combat map, means that the speed of the game will be lowered down ^^ (not too much )
We welcome also a new modeler, Kalle, that have already beginned the work on the nifleans weapons
for my part, i'm still in the melting brain part that consist to create concepts arts, writing about the gameplay , and leading the design :p
some weapons are in route, as some static meshes

we may have found a coder but not sure yet.

for the rest, we're still looking for talented people to join the mod, don't hesitate to mail us on moddb page of garm studio, If you do so, make sure you post some images of your portfolio, as we can see your level or what we can make you do for us :p
I promise, no one has ever get hurt by mailing us, (except elzean, but he's a strange case :p)
thanks for reading

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