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Frequently asked questions about the mods in the collection.

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Q. What version of FPGE does this require?
A. 4.0 minimum. Earlier versions are not supported.

Q. Do you take requests?
A. I do consider requests on a case by case basis. You may leave your request in the comments and I will look into it. Do keep in mind when making your request, that these mods are meant to make small tweaks and changes to FPGE, not to add a full post game campaign or overhaul.

Q. Are these mods retroactive?
A. In most cases, yes the mods will work retroactively unless noted. Any changes made in an update may not be retroactive.

Q. Can I install all the plugins at once?
A. You *can* but I don't recommend it as it can potentially lead to conflicts and just takes up unnecessary space in your load order. Only install the plugins you need.

Q. Can I merge your plugins?
A. While most of the plugins should be safe to merge, I do not recommend it and will not support it.

Q. Are these compatible with insert mod here?
A. These mods should be compatible with most everything that FPGE is compatible with. Do keep in mind that I cannot test and patch every single mod out there.

Q. Can you create a compatibility patch for such and such mod?
A. No this page isn't for compatibility patches unless it's related to one of my plugins. For general FPGE compatibility patches, see FPGE Patch Collection by ryanmar.

Q. I found a bug.
A. Great! Write a bug report in the bugs tab with the steps to reproduce it and I will look into fixing it!

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