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My mod dlls are now compiled automatically for download for modders

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I saw some modders copying my DLLs for use in their mod. That's completely fine as my code is GPL, just like OpenRA game engine itself. The trouble was they had to rely on my release of the mod so that they can extract precompiled DLL files from my mod.

The good news is that I setup Travis automatic build for my mod engine repository so that modders can download just the DLL files!
In the zip file, you'll notice OpenRA.Mods.Uncommon.dll and OpenRA.Mods.yupgi_alert.dll. Just copy paste it and distribute them with your mod. You'll notice OpenRA.Game.exe. That one you don't need unless you need to make space maps like this one:

Edit: you need .exe too to prevent crashing :(. But the good thing is that, I modded the exe file too so that if you rename OpenRA.Game.exe to OpenRA.{your_mod_name}.exe, it will launch the mod without the Game.Mod={your_mod_name} command line parameters.

You'll also need an example YAML for the DLLs. Rename my mod's extension from .oramod to .zip and you can extract stuff. (Or visit

Source code is here: (as always)

Happy modding!


Oh nice

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