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Update on the mods development in the past week. - Souron

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Hi All,

This week saw a lot of effort going into resolving some issues when it came to the start_pos file., i was having an issue with the diplomacy menu crashing the game so the minute i declared war or vise versa during testing it would crash. But happy days i found the issue and have begin reworking on the factions.


I spent some time thinking about how i wanted to do the the units for the factions in the game. I decided that a base set of units ( what is available in the custom battles now) would be ideal to have for all of the factions and then work on custom units for each faction depending on location and sub culture. For example i would like the lowland tribes to eventually have access to chariots and possibly look to exclude these from the highlander style tribes or ones that start with just swamp land for example. again with anything in this mods development this could change but i felt this approach would fit best for the development process.


A playable roman faction in the grand campaign has become quite possibly the most requested feature. Although i did start this mod with the intention of having Rome a AI faction that would show up later in the game to challenge the player i do see the appeal for players. So today i would like to announce that i am going to commit to two version of this mods to suit however the player wishes to play. I will be focusing mainly on the original idea for the mod to begin with but as it becomes more fleshed out and stable i will then branch the mod off into two sections. one set way before the roman invasion and one just after the first landing in kent. this will take a lot of work and i hope that the final results will make everybody happy.

Ontop of this i wanted to talk about the custom battle units currently available in game. These are not really properly historically accurate for the time of ceasars invasion so they will not be available in the grand campaign but they will be left in game for the custom battles to give some choice to the players.If this becomes impractacle or way to much work i mast ask the community to help decide on the version to focus on going forward

Request for help!

ARTIST/UI - I am currently looking for a UI designer to join the mod team to help me work on the vision for the mod. this will start with factions flags and then progress into other areas of the UI such as event pictures and maps. if this interests you please give me a shout!

Research - I would love for somebody with deep knowledge of the time period or a passion to read up on it to join the team to help with the naming of location, building and general mod authenticity. again if this interests you please drop me a message.

Again for anybody keeping up with the mod thank you for taking the time to read this post.

- Souron

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