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The Harvest mod conception. Includes base gameplay description.

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Hello all.

There is almost no information about the mod here, on ModDB, so I'm going to post a concept document, written some time ago.

Please, note, almost nothing is ready, that is just a plan.

I wrote: Gameplay
Mod's gameplay should be a shooter with quest elements in horror, mystical setting.

The player is thrown into dark and abandoned locations, where main task is surviving, which is done by highly realistic combats and easy quests.

Standard level is a map, where player tries to find the exit or an important item while walking in dark coridors/forests etc. It co-exists with easy quests like key-finding, but the base obstacle should be player's own fear, which has to be reached with lighting, sound (which is more important),
NPCs etc. The player has to never feel himself alone. However, it can be reached with anything, what doesn't break gameplay and story concepction.
Story telling goes through dialogs and found documents.

If the enemies are non-human nature creations, then the main combat's target is usually not to shoot them all, but to survive. So, player escapes and uses weapons to clean his way, because such NPCs have too much HP and they are too strong to kill each one.

In the other case — if the player has to fight humans — atmosphere turns from mystic to aggressive shooter. 2-3 shots or 1 melee weapon hit will kill the player, 1-2 shots/1 m.w. hit will kill a human NPC.


– Camera bob with footsteps.
– Mirror's Edge-like weapon system. The player can carry the only weapon which is in his hands currently. The only difference is reloading is possible, so the player collects ammo. No automatic reloads or weapon drop on ammo end.
– No health items: dynamic HP recovery.
– Standard movement is walking, not running. Speed is average between HL2 walk and run.
– Sprint is slower (average between HL2 run and sprint), but the player can run such way much more time.
– No standard weapon HUD. The player can see amount of ammo magazines he has by clicking a specific button.


Sect adepts, human nature enemies
They look like monks — men in grey or dark red robes. Hoods cover their faces. In combat they use swords, axes, reaping hooks etc. Maybe fireballs and lightnings spell casting.

People in street wear, use different gunfire weapons.

Zombies' analogs. Few faster, much stronger than HL2 standard ones. Die of 3-4 straight shotgun shots or 2-3 headshots. Also, fire is deadly. So the map should give players possibilities to kill them with no weapons, just interacting with the world.

Monsters with bodies, resembling human ones. Can be based on HL2 fast zombies, but larger, slower and much stronger.

The base story is almost finished, the work goes on details.
Please, remember, the development of the mod is just begun and due to ambitions it needs a team.
Anyone who can make and animate models, work on maps, textures, anything else and is interested in my project, please, contact.

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