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A Quick Summary on what will be happening now that The Power of San Andreas is now Frontlines of Terror.

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Ok everyone, now that i got time to do this message, The Power of San Andreas is now known as Frontlines of Terror after i decided to give Modding for C&C Generals Zero Hour one more last shot. So therefor, i am revived the old mod but it will be for Zero Hour.

I will be focusing on some new factions and some new works of the mod which will help make the mod more better like our old mod used to be back in 2007-2009. Also, we got some new members of the mod who will be helping us with the works of the trade in additional Modelling, Cameo Creation etc etc.

I would like to welcome DaWuper, our new Modeller. And also one of our Supporters aka GollumG who will help as our Cameo Artist. I will try and ensure we get this mod up to date since i'm on my final week at college.

Until then, i'll cya later all of ya.
Also Best of Luck. Lets make this a good mod like back in 2007-2009.

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