I try to take all the free time what i have to improve and add new stuff or basic things to my mod, i said at the beggining of all i was an amateur and this was my first project, but i try to do my best, i'm not at any group or something, i work alone and everything on the mod just was depending by myself, i'm trying to learn everything basic and necessary for make improve the mod, but i've the bad luck to say this can not go any forward, this mod is crap, i'm crap, there's nothing more to say.

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I hope you can all understand this, this mod is too cheap and bad made for be part of this community, i failed as modder promissing a good mod with original stuff, is all my fault for do promises what won't be made, i want to apologize to all the persons who gave a opportunity or hope on this mod, but this project... is just crap


Turkish007 - - 3,262 comments

The moment you lost trust into yourself, it turned crap. You should always have morale, we are all looking forward to this mod!

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foradeservei95 Author
foradeservei95 - - 155 comments

Thanks, but i think this mod was just a failiure and i was not ready for even start a mod with the low skill what i've right now, this project is officially closed, maybe in some weeks, after i had progress in learning about COMPLETLY MODDING i will come with another project, but for now Warconflict is canceled forever, if i keep on this mod it will turn more crap than it already was.

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Hugh020 - - 421 comments

We never said you have failed, by all means continue, I'm sorry if anything I said has upset, I didn't mean it

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foradeservei95 Author
foradeservei95 - - 155 comments

No worries, you haven't done anything, anyway i'd already problems with my mod and i just had to be realistic on this, so don't worry, it was a bad project and the direction were it was going it was to failiure, i just need time for keep learning and maybe i will come with a complete new project, and this time i will be able to do everything what i promise, is me who have to say sorry for make just a bad mod and promise to the comunity impossible things what i can't make

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