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Sorry for the lack of info atm, I will be making a big post including most of my planned ideas and features soon however I still need to type them up, from the countless pages of notes I have. I will simply list a few of the main features to keep people interested for the time-being ^^ Info below.

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What the game is/will be

  • 6 player coop
  • 6 unique classes with a big focus on making the player feel like they have an important roll to play within the team. (more info coming)
  • Top down
  • encounter/zone system (more info coming)

Simply put im going to create a large expansive world for players to explore and decide where to go and what to do, a map will be broken up into zones and within each zones there will be encounters which will require the team to work together to finish, these will be designed to be hard and players will die thus the re-spawn system comes into effect - these encounters will change depending when the players decide to do them so each game experience will be unique allowing for lots of re-playability. Maps will be connected together and will eventually link together to form a functioning world. (also on a side note when development really starts to takeoff there will be a big focus of adding some kind of clan system into the game)

  • custom points system (more info coming)
  1. Points used for in-map unlock system
  2. Unlocks will include weapons,items, vehicles and more.
  3. Total Points earned inmap by all players will added to each of the players rank.
  4. Higher rank will allow more unlocks. (items which will be unlocked via points can also be found ingame and even be awared for finishing certain tasks.)
  • unlock system (more info coming)
  • items rarely drop from bosses/mobs which will be added to the players unlocked weapons. (which they will then be able to use in-map by gathering enough points from killing aliens and finishing missions)
  • crafting system (more info coming, main details have not been worked out yet)
  • Lots of vehicals (more info coming)
  • Respawn/Revive system. (more info coming)
  • Atmospheric with a big focus on custom sounds and combat music.
  • Deep plot
  • Game 100% designed for replayability with many random encounters, im also creating the game in a way where the difficulty of the different zones and even how they they are completed will change depending on which order the players decide to do them in.
  • So far only players Vs Aliens, pvp is planned.

Thats all for now, more info coming soon. Enjoy :)

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