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Optimization of Particle Shield for mobile devices.

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I reached a point within development where I planned to start creating the levels for Particle Shield. I say 'planned' because my efforts were redirected towards building the cleanest most efficient base template for my levels. While developing on my beastly rig, I complete overlooked an important factor with my expectation for having this game available on mobile devices.

Initial ScreenshotsInitial Screenshots

After scouring the web for optimizing games for use on mobile devices I came to realize that the goal draw call limit is 20-50. Well I can say that Particle Shield was running fine on my computer with around 400-600 draw calls during heavy moments of gameplay. Does this mean the title won't work on mobile? Not if I can help it! I dedicated a great deal of time to address this serious issue which would have crippled the game on any mobile device. At this moment I have the level-grid, UI, and enemies (any number) rendering within 13 draw calls. This was a massive improvement which took some unique design adjustments and the rework of most of the materials used within Unity. Long story short, the game is running like a beast again and I intend to have the first level playable on a mobile device by 3 April.

Initial ScreenshotsInitial Screenshots

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