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A new release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download! Here follow the release notes with all fixes and changes.

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Because of the complexity of the new customizable town management skill, there were unfortunately some critical issues left in RC4a. Therefore a fast new release was required. If you are into this mod, RC5 is a MUST HAVE as it runs much more bug free than any previous releases. If any LAN desync issues were caused by issues with lua tables in RAM, then those should be fixed in this release as well, but only time will tell as I have no way to verify it without the source code.

RC5 -> RC5a

-Fixes critical issue crashing script engine when using heroes with specializations that affect the growth in Town Buildings. (Apologies to early down-loaders, had to stop the issue from spreading.)

First upload RC5 was replaced by RC5a, there is a hotfix available for those who already downloaded RC5.


-Fixed Critical Issue, Stronghold was unable to use Town gate.
-Fixed Critical Issue, Governors were not resigned after dying.
-Fixed Critical Issue, Script engine crashing when game tries to show flying txt message (more than 100 instances!)
-Fixed Critical Issue, Script engine crashing when AI tries to convert town
-Fixed Critical Issue, Script engine crashing when overlord or warlock is in town garrison.
-Fixed Many possible causes of mod becoming dysfunctional in campaign and scenario missions.
-Fixed Summon elementals/reinforcements sometimes not working.
-Fixed Engineers unable to learn Absolute Protection.
-Fixed Ingame Manual Appendix showing outdated info.
-Fixed Ingame Manual and shatter descriptions showing wrong %.
-Fixed Town Conversion also converts shipyards, some special buildings (not all) and the tear of asha.
-Fixed Deleb & Ylaya have too much knowledge.
-Possibly fixed questionbox from AI player popping up in C1M5


-AI players and battle sites are better adjusted to gameplay after month 8.
-Improved shatter skills, mastery levels are lowered according following pattern: 11110 - 22211 - 22222 (this actually brings them back to TOE strength since most high level spells in the game were buffed so that basic level is similar to what advanced level used to be)
-Armageddon loses much more damage if not cast on expert level (makes shatter destructive effective counter vs armageddon-kamikaze tactics)
-Pariah no longer has extra requirements, so now unusual occultism+summoning+dark build is more flexible.
-Vampirism Spell increase by 1% instead of 2% per SP (benefits magic heroes as 100% life drain was too easy to get)
-Regeneration Spell increase by 10% per SP instead of 5% (at expert level)
-Seraphs: +2 Defense, exchange righteous might for regeneration spell (Needed a boost, after Vengeance was nerfed, Zealots already had righteous might, now they can do a little bit of healing)
-Fortress T2 Dwelling Upg costs 10 wood instead of 10 Ore (fixes excessive ore requirement for Fortress)
-Corrected large amount of minor irregularities between creature power ratings and costs (too much to list)


Necropolis was still too much overpowered to allow for competitive multiplayer, but there were also some things that needed to be boosted.

-Improved lord of undead: replace effect - the hero earns 0.5 gold for every skeleton in his army (you can always use the extra money for extra meat for the undead transformer)
-Improved amulet of necromancy: 20% cost discount instead of 10%
-Improved orson zombie specialty, it also gives a few zombies every week.

-Necromancy raise percentages: 10/15/20 (this is more of a correction than a nerf, it has almost no impact on balance)
-Base Dark Energy 150 instead of 200
-Amplifier +5% and +100 DE instead of +150 DE
-Grail Building 10% and +250 DE instead of +150 DE

-Revert buff to Vampire lords, instead nerf prince to their level (-1A, -1D), Vampire Lords are now unchanged from TOE and Vampire Princes are equal in strength.
-Spectral Dragons +10HP (Shadow Dragons were significantly better).

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