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A new beta release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download and will bring many fixes and innovative features

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A new release RC15B5 is now available for download, this version implements a lot of new 'tech', making it necessary to do another beta before the campaign integration. Combat Scripts now work in multiplayer and H55 now includes almost the complete LUA 4.0 Library and all those functions work on the adventure map and the combat map. These technical enhancements allow a lot of new features and creativity for mapmakers.

EDIT1+2: This article was updated to reflect the contents of Beta 5 which is currently our best stable version, Beta 4 was only online for a few hours: fixed critical issue multiplayer maps with more than 200 monster stacks not working.

MMH55 Download RC15B5

This release is the largest code revision since RC1 and is not compatible with other mods and submods (without updating). We have greatly expanded our compatible maps database on discord with all high rated maps from maps4heroes that could be made compatible. (logging in and downloading can as guest and does not require an account). More maps may still follow, but they just require more work. Also a total campaign remake with all RC15b4 features is coming soon. This release contains many new innovative features that need feedback, to make sure the game is 100% to player satisfaction before the campaign is added.

MMH55 Discord

A large amount of bugs was fixed in the singleplayer scenario maps (maybe all of them) and performance of many scripts is improved. Various AI issues have been fixed. The game now always knows the type of map you are playing therefore the AI/Gamemode tooltips from previous release have been simplified and cleaned up of most warnings (you can't really do anything wrong except making the game much too hard for yourself), the old random setting now functions purely as a help text and shows a question mark icon.

Note: This release has improved cheat protection, in games with 2 or more human players console becomes completely inaccessible even if password was inserted in autoexec.cfg, on the other hand in SP the password doesn't need to be used (only the key binding needs to be added to input.cfg).


New Feature: Mine Control (Optional, currently active by default)

This feature is currently enabled by default, you can now revisit every mine you own and a question box will appear asking you if you want to guard it for a small sum of money (which is only paid once, not weekly), if you click OK, the game will automatically grow a powerful army in the garrison of the mine. New troops will arrive at the mine at the start of every week. The troops are not substracted from your towns. If the mine is attacked the player will control these troops on the battlefield. Guarding mines will cost 750, 1250 or 2500 (gold mines) depending on the type of mine.



New Hero Specializations

There are more new ones in game these shots are just a selection



One less positive note, the Pounder specialization is completely broken and cannot be repaired by us, just technically ridiculously hard, so currently the heroes that had it get the 'windspeaker' specialization under a different name, as for a might hero it works as an attack booster and or late game spellcasting/counterspell push.

New Start Army System

A new system for start armies has been implemented where the power rating of start armies will be balanced very precisely and all heroes will get their own personal start army based on specialization and what they need. The creature start bonus will disappear as it is too random and unfair, instead everybody gets a personal creature bonus, but the 0-3 tier3 stack will disappear and tavern heroes will have weaker armies. Heroes with creature specializations will generally get the best start armies: for example malustar will actually start with a pit fiend and godric with 2 priests. Also all inferno heroes will get 4 succubi guaranteed and no longer random. this screenshot shows elitist start army compared to tavern army


War Machines

The ballista now does around 40% more dmg when the hero doesn't have the war machines skill (it is effectively as good as basic war machines without ballista perk), this is to make the 3000 gold more worth it for magic heroes and make the early game boost for war machine heroes less severe. Damage at expert war machine is around 7.5% higher but flaming arrows will be nerfed to only ignore defense, not also fire dmg on top of it. Delebs ballista does -2.33 = level/3 fireball dmg, this makes it similar up to level 20 but stronger afterwards. Also fixed issue AI showing up without war machines.


-Suffering and Righteous might will no longer cancel each other. If one of them was casted by a stronger caster, the difference in power will be the resulting bufff/nerf on the creature.
-Slow and Haste will also no longer cancel each other, both effects will remain active on the target. Haste will now scale as 20% + 0.033% per level instead of 25% + 0.025% per level to allow more differentiation between might and magic heroes. For slow 0.025% = 0.033% therefore it scaled a bit too strong in RC15b2, now that is corrected by not changing it.
-Divine Strength & Weakness now have a base value of 70% + 1% per SP, to make them less cheap to might heroes and allows magic heroes more room to buff them. These two spells are now the only ones left that cancel each other, because their formulas don't allow it. Eternal light will now make units with divine strength immune to weakness.
-Vampirism was scaling way too much with spellpower and too cheap for might, nerfed to 30% + 0.5% per SP at expert level.
-Blade barrier cost increased to 18 mana.
-Summon Hive has more initiative fall off below advanced level to make shattering it more effective.


-Stunning strike is nerfed to -0.2.
-Chilling bones buffed to 10% and non-necro heroes with this perk now summon free water elementals into battle


-Resurrection artifacts now always resurrect one creature if the 30 or 15% requirement isn't met. Also the 4 orb artifacts can resurrect elementals.
-The Angelic Alliance and Staff of Asha's eightfold swap secondary effects to make them equal in strength, the alliance was stronger than other ultimates.
-Fixed staff of the saint not working
-Fixed mana buffs from artifacts, not working properly with mana over max
-Fixed Academy mini-artifacts protection not working and changed the type of resource cost for some artifacts (costs did not increase)
-Fixed unable to sacrifice owlfeather cloak and fixed summoning with cornucopia


-Rune priests: -2A, +4D, +1 ini, -1 min-dmg, -5HP, +70 cost (was excessicely slow, too cheap)
-Rune patriarchs: +1A, +3D, -1 ini, -1 shot, +30 cost (more logical tactically this is the defensive upgrade)
-Rune keepers: +1 ini, -1 dmg, -10HP, +1 shot, +30 cost
-unupgraded gremlins +1 initiative, -1A, -1D (too slow compared to upg)
-unupgraded stone gargoyles +1 initiative, -2A (too slow compared to upg)
-horned demons +1 max dmg, berserkers +3 HP (too low power rating)
-all zombies +1 growth, unupgraded zombies +1 max dmg, -2HP, -5 cost (too low power rating)
-Master hunters -1 Attack (minor power difference)
-minor cost changes to druids, inquisitors, unicorns and hell chargers.
-fixed missing creature ability descriptions

Mixed neutral stack generation

By default the game now generates mixed neutral stacks at the start of the game on multiplayer maps with less than 200 monster stacks (above that number the generation time will increase significantly and it is recommended to use mapmixer instead). You can increase or reduce the 200 threshold in MMH55-Settings.pak depending on how fast your PC is, but don't get too excited the lag is an issue beyond the latest CPUs to solve. You can also activate a questionbox mechanism, but it is disabled by default, since the first 5 seconds of generating would already have passed without it and on some maps you don't need much more than that. If the wait isn't long it should be totally worth the improved game experience, but I will await the feedback on this beta.

Note that ARMG maps don't need this feature because they already have mixed neutrals (unless you have one you like so much you want to regenerate the neutrals), otherwise you could just generate a new map. Also scenario maps can't be processed safely by this procedure since they may contain special stacks for storyline purposes, only Mapmixer can track those and safely generate mixed stacks on a scenario map! all in all this feature mainly benefits old vanilla multiplayer maps, for which h5m files are not available.



Special Thanks to Titan for his inspiring super tiny script which I inflated to massive proportions to get the desired effect. Also special thanks to Asheera for her inspiring script that is even bigger than mine. Also Special Thanks to Redheavenhero for his excellent work on LUA 4.0.

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Campaign remake? Can hardly wait, then!

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gytispranskunas - - 2 comments

Game is crashing every time u select a hero with ability to summon creatures at the start of the combat.

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mmh55 Author
mmh55 - - 486 comments

this was fixed in beta 5

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Guest - - 698,846 comments

Hello, I wanted to ask if the single player campaign is now playable with the 5.5 mod. I tried playing it a while ago (last year) and could only complete the first faction. The last mission of the Haven campaign was already problematic (but could be finished). The second campaign was unplayable from the start (there was some camera issue that prevented the main hero from moving on turn 1).

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dredknight - - 735 comments

Next release it will be available!

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