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This is the official archive for each campaign for Imperial Conquest, right now Imperial Conquest has 3 missions that has been completed, as part of the Sahara Campaign, one of the official story lore and turning point engagements of the Earth Imperial War.

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This archive will list all of the missions that have been either completed or are a work in progress...

List of campaigns...

1. Sahara Campaign...

1. Assault on Samahaki: Play as the Earth Resistance during the first day of the Battle of the Sahara, as you attempt to try and launch a full scale offensive against the ruined Village of the once former City State of Samahaki in Libya, as you attempt to survive the Bloody Urban War that occurred during the Battle of Samahaki on May 14th, 2024...

2. Raid on Galdorph Gorge: The Empire has established multiple weapon caches all across Earth, but the biggest one is located within the Southern Sahara, which contains a wide vast of munitions. Conduct a raid behind Imperial Lines in the final hours of May 14th, 2024, destroy all Imperial personal, capture munitions for the Resistance, and vacate the area, before reinforcements can arrive.

3. Clash of Mogogo: The Earth Resistance have begun expanding their forces through the Desert in order to make the Galactic Empire believe, that a counterattack has been unleashed in order to reclaim North Africa, however little does the Empire know, is that this expansion is just a diversion in order to by time for the the supplies to arrive at Helios for Operation Orbital, however despite multiple territorial gains to the North, in the South the situation becomes critical. Our forces are having difficulty in the Mogogo Province about 15 miles South of Fort Helios, as Imperial forces have counterattacked and are have forced the Earth military back towards the Togoga Bluffs. Move over there and help the Earth Resistance turn the tide, before the Galactic Empire overrun the site, a victory here, will take pressure off of our hold on Fort Helios, and finally allow us to move in and unleash Operation Orbital once our supplies arrive from the Mediterranean.

4. The Search for NH-90: A German Helicopter has been shot down, the aircraft contains vital documents on how Operation Orbital is going to be conducted, enter the ruins of what used to be the City of Howa, and find that transport helicopter before the Empire does, the Empire must not learn of Operation Orbital, for if they do, this whole campaign will end in failure, and the Corvette in orbit will move out of the area where we cannot reach it, get out there now, and take back those documents before the Empire get their hands on them.

5. Operation Ramus: The Tyderium Shuttles have launched carrying with them multiple Earth Resistance forces embarked for the Imperial Corvette in Orbit, Lars Karnor is among the boarding party that is sent into take over the Vessel, while the assault on the Corvette is occurring, Earth Resistance forces continue to gain ground in some areas of the Sahara, while looking for a spot in order to create a field headquarters so that they can hold out until the Corvette is captured. For this, Operation Ramus is unleashed and multiple small units of Earth Resistance forces are sent out in order to scout out locations for the Resistance to erect their base of operations, one of these instillation is the old abandoned air force base of Kellogg located within the Hanmusta Province of the Sahara, an area which Viper Squad had decided to check out. Scout out the base, and determine if it is still in a good enough condition to be used to hold out against the Empire until the Corvette is taken.

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