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Mission 04 in early access: Continue the story of Oberfeldwebel Korsul

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Oberfeldwebel Korsul, you are the spear of our invasion.

You are being sent to the Alpha Trelcaris Sector. It is a multi star sector, with billions of space faring primitives. After decryption of the data from the destroyed ships in the Jani System, we know now, that despite their permittivity they managed to establish an empire of a galactic scale. This is most likely due to the fact, that there were no other species to oppose their spread, but even so it is a disturbing information.

Primitive or not, we are deprived of resources after stranding for millennia, and cannot take a fight against an empire of this scale.

Oberfeldwebel Korsul, your mission is to capture this sector. But simply conquering it is not enough. We should not allow any of the primitives to escape and alarm the others. For this mission Feldwebel Serak will assist you, by blockading all of the interstellar flights.
Meanwhile you should sweep across all systems, and break any resistance.

But be careful, as our fleets are still stranded in the dark space, you will have only minimal reinforcements, unless you establish a phase gate.


Main Objective:

[ ] Capture the Alpha Trelcaris Sector

Secondary Objective:

[ ] Establish a phase gate

[ ] Destroy all Communication Centers


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