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Below is the list of items and weapons in MIRV. There may be 4 factions in the game, if there is a way to let the game support that many. Otherwise it'll just be the North American United Military vs. the Global Unity Front

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Global Unity Front (GUF):

AK-103 7.62x39mm (primary weapon)

SKS 7.62x39mm (primary weapon)

CZ 75 9x19mm (sidearm)

Makarov 9X18mm (sidearm)

RPG-29 105mm (secondary weapon)

Pipe bomb (explosive charge)

Molotov Coctail (special grenade)

RPD (light machinegun)

M60 (mounted machingeun)

Uzi (secondary pistol)

Dragonouv (sniper rifle)

RGD-5 (grenades)

Remington 870 (shotgun)

North American United Military:

M4 (assault rifle)

SMAW (secondary weapon)

Glock 22 (pistol)

C4 (explosive charge)

Smoke grenade (special grenade)

M249 SAW (light machinegun)

Minigun (mounted heavy weapon)

Suppressed Glock 22 ( secondary pistol)

Barrett .50 (sniper rifle)

M67 (grenades)

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