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new visuals and minor edits to weapons functions. and a new xhair...

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A minor update;

featuring new/altered weapon pickup sprites, to better match their quake counterparts and also better match the hud sprites in dih itself.

improved graphics for smoke-trail and explosion effects...

Improved gore effects on xdeaths (as of major crisis)

some alterations to the nailgun functions: regular nailgun fires single barrels as opposed to two each time. (as it does in actual quake) supernailgun fires ripper nails 100% of the time now (we feel it plays better and fits well with the regular nailgun as a counterpart this way. however we made it so it doesn't rip through enemies when quadded as it would be far too overpowered...)

and a new crosshair for crosshair3; a simple 'Q' symbol for those that like it plain...

just added some extra quake themed texture replacements here and there including a simple recolour of the mosaic tiles textures from blues to quakes brown tones (it was clashing awfully ugly with the brown water)...

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