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The Alien class received some harsh criticism for being too easy. There were some tweaks along the way to address this, but the biggest concern was about spores. Some even called version 4.3 'Sporetex'. I'm releasing a minor update to address this.

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If you came here wondering why there hasn't been an update in... forever, I'll explain. Before version 4.3, there was a lot of demand from the community that I add new content. The main problem is that major updates obviously take time. I spent at least a hundred hours of development time creating and testing/debugging the new content. When 4.3 was finally released, everyone was happy to try it out, but then criticism came. I worked on minor updates to address these concerns as best I could, but--inexplicably--almost the entire player-base disappeared overnight. To say it was disheartening is an understatement. I always promised that I would work on Vortex as long as I had players, but when everyone left, I saw little reason to stick around.

Flash forward to today. My player-base is still gone. I've been busy with work/"Real Life"(tm), but I thought I would throw out one last update. An old-time player called version 4.3 "Sporetex" because spores were overpowered. This update will hopefully correct that (and a few other things).

** Reduced obstacle addon health to 150 (from 250)
** Reduced maximum spore count to 3 (from 4)
** Reduced spore addon health to 10 (from 20)
** Reduced spore addon damage to 15 (from 25)
** Fixed divide by zero bug in vrxinfo menu (hit percent and frag percent)

We have created an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Vortex contact list over here:

The idea is to allow all Vortex players to communicate in real-time to help organize games. It wasn't practical when we had hundreds of players, but with such a small player base it might be the only way to avoid playing alone. I have joined the list and I ask you to do the same. It would also help if you try to find at least one other person in your gaming group to try Vortex. They can download the whole game and comprehensive guides in just a few clicks. Please help Vortex by restoring our player base! Thanks for your support.

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