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Minor Update number 7 Version 0.11 of Besiege. - 2 New Blocks - 2 New God Powers - Bug Fixes & Improvements!

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Hello everyone,

Today we’re releasing our latest update for Besiege, bringing it to version 0.11. We’re sorry that it’s a bit later than we initially planned, we encountered some pretty serious issues in our initial playtesting that needed addressing.

In this update we’re bringing you 2 new blocks and 2 more, newly titled, ‘God Powers’ for you to play with.
We’ve added a Water Cannon Block as well as a Rope & Winch block, which can be wound up or unwound and the rope can be cut by a sharp object.
The God Powers that we have added allow you to turn Gravity on and off at will, as well as the ability to drag objects around during the simulation!

Last but not least we’ve got a fix to a bug that a lot of you builders out there have found frustrating. We’ve finally managed to fix the issue where various mechanical blocks intermittently stop working.
Although we’ve tried very hard to avoid breaking any existing machines with this fix, there may be some machines that are adversely affected by this change. Be assured that we will do our best to address any issues that arise!

We really hope you enjoy these new additions and as always, thank you!


Changelog V0.11


Added Water Cannon Block
Added Rope & Winch Block
Added Drag God Ability
Added Zero Gravity God Ability


Improved Spikeball visuals
Created new ‘God Powers’ section in the settings menu
Optimized Knights in Ipsilion
Improved visuals of block selection menu


Fixed Major bug where motorised blocks would randomly lock their rotation & position.
(Affected blocks include Steering Block, Steering Hinge, Decoupler, Piston, Spinning Blocks, etc)
Fixed Flamethrower having infinite fuel in toggle mode
Reduced jittering on the spring block
Fixed bug with visuals of propeller when flipped


Explosive Decoupler now has stronger joints
Lowered particles emitted on wood collisions
Removed drag on Metal Spike Ball
Removed drag on Wooden Pole
Reduced Grabber SFX volume
Moved Plow to Armour Tab

INtense! Staff

So pretty, so happy to see your game doing so well. Dem gifs!

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make some performance improvments for low-end pcs, whould will be amazing :D (sorry my bad english)

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