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A new minor update for Besiege has been released with 3 new blocks to play around with.

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Hello everyone!

We’ve had quite a hectic past few weeks, bringing you this minor update (V0.09) as well as working on more levels and some other exciting new features for the next major update (V0.1).

We aim to release V0.1 in around 6 weeks’ time, but before that we plan to tell you a bit more about those features mentioned above, so keep your eyes open for upcoming announcements.

Something else we wanted to talk about in this post is mods for Besiege. We’ve been truly amazed at the variety and speed of mods being created by members of the community. We would like to say a big thank you to all those involved in creating content, it’s wonderful to see it bolster our growing community of players! If you haven’t done so already you can check out a full list of mods here:
But please bear in mind it may take time to update them following the release of this update!

So, enough blathering; in this minor update there are 3 new blocks as well as improvements to the UI and various bug fixes. We hope you enjoy using them to make new machines or augment existing ones!

You should also be aware that we’ve made some changes to our joint system, in preparation for future bug fixes, that may cause some more complex machines to break. For this we are very sorry and we’re working hard on the problem!

Changelog V0.09


Added Large Cog Block
Added Small Wheel Block
Added Shrapnel Cannon Block


Reorganised Block Tabs
Created Locomotion Tab
Redesigned icon for Mechanical Tab
Created new texture for Blade block
Grip pad is now more rigid


Fixed birds being killed by machine whilst in edit mode
Fixed balloons being popped by machine in edit mode
Fixed Buildings & Fences breaking whilst in edit mode
Fixed insignias triggering whilst in edit mode
Fixed torch out of bounds issues
Fixed floating roof bug in Level 16
Fixed Freighters exploding with rapid timescale changes
Return to level select button in Tolbrynd now takes you to correct menu


Save & Load menus now blur the UI background elements

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