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A minor update for tatooine: canyon assault has just been released

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I just released a minor update for Tatooine. Changelog:

-Fixed an issue where the ai would get stuck in the sunken base and on the bridge over it

-Fixed an issue where the imperial landing craft on top of the canyon wasnt appearing correctly (its landing gear had been missing)

-fixed an issue where one of the health droids in the bunker wasnt spawning

-tweaked the balancing. It's slightly harder for the empire now, but I won with both sides on my first try so definitely more balanced than before

In other news, I've got CW Wobani fully functional in terms of gameplay, but I'm having trouble getting the sound to work correctly. I hope to get that out in the coming weeks. After that, Lothal is in the works, but that may take quite a bit of time, because there's a lot of modelling to do and I've been rather busy lately, but I can tell you that it will center around the imperial communications tower in episode 13, "Call to Action", of Star Wars Rebels season 1. I'll have to model the tower, the platforms, the roadway, the arch over the roadway, and those mound/hill things Lothal has, and that coupled with my busyness means that it could be a while

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