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Issues with some of the addon features that are part of the community patch have been found to not work. Nothing game breaking, altho some users have reported missing these features. A fix will be up in a few days.

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Issues have been found with the following features:
- ctrl-b to select idle builders (doesn't work)
- ctrl-f to select idle factories (cycles through active builders instead)
- ctrl-s to select units with weapons currently on the screen (doesn't work)
- hold w while dragging select box on the full-screen megamap to select only units with weapons (doesn't work)
- fullscreen map icons are incorrect, mobile units showing as squares (buildings), builders showing as factories, and selected units not showing highlighted

The fix involves adding two new units: mobile mine "factories" built by minelayers. This will actually be an improvement on gameplay. Minelayers building mobile mines was a little clunky, especially since the linebuilding feature doesn't play nice with tiny 1x1 footprint units.

Hope to have the fix up and available by the weekend.

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